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Genetic Analysis II BIOR60

7,5 credits

The course is offered for the last time spring term 2022.

DNA spiral. Immage.

Course description

In the courses Genetic Analysis I and Genetic Analysis II, the students are trained in areas which are of great importance in several biological disciplines. Whenever genetic data are used, in research and practical applications, the methods introduced in these courses are useful. This applies to the analysis of marker data as well as of complete sequences. Examples of such areas are association mapping in human and medical genetics as well as in plant and animal breeding. In these fields, both marker data and quantitative genetics are of an utmost importance.

Genetic Analysis II is a continuation of the course Genetic analysis I. One section of the course covers DNA-sequence evolution. Another section covers statistical methods in genetics. One such method covered is the maximal likelihood method and its applications in genetic mapping. Yet another section introduces some probability theory methods and applies these within quantitative genetics. This course also includes a section covering population genetics, but here the emphasis is on coalescent theory, which analyses DNA variation as a function of the genealogical relation between the sampled sequences. The last part of the course is a section where the students learn to build evolutionary genetics models.

Spring period 2b

Full-time, on campus, in English
The course is offered for the first time spring 2023.


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Christina Ledje, study advisor, molecular biology

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