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Department of Biology

The Department of Biology has about 300 employees, of which 40 are professors. Here we conduct extensive education and advanced research.

Biology building. Photo.

Education at the Department of Biology includes bioinformatics, biology and molecular biology. In total, we have approximately 430 students, 13 educational programs and 60 courses. Teaching takes place in modern laboratories with advanced equipment. In addition, we have access to field stations and several courses include various forms of field work. After completed studies our students continue to work in the private or municipal sector, or become PhD:s.

The research at the Department of Biology is characterized by cutting-edge basic and applied research in a number of different areas. The research is conducted in research groups which are often parts of larger research environments. There is also a research museum that lends materials all over the world. The Department of Biology is an international environment, with many foreign researchers, doctoral students and students.

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