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Master's programme in Molecular Biology - Microbiology and Biotechnology

120 credits

Knowledge about microbes and their diversity, physiology and genetics, as well as classical and modern tools to study them are important and highly relevant for work or research in many areas of biology, including molecular biology, infectious diseases and ecology. The Microbiology and Biotechnology master’s programme provides education and training that is highly competitive and very suitable for employment within many sectors of industry and society. It also prepares you for an international academic career in a variety of fields. Within the programme, you can specialise according to your own preferences and background, towards for example molecular microbiology, medical microbiology, or biotechnology.

The programme comprises two years of full-time studies (120 credits). Most courses are full-time studies, normally of 15 credits. The courses are typically teaching-intensive with lectures, seminars, theoretical and practical exercises as well as self-studies. Towards the end of the programme, you perform a Degree project of 30, 45 or 60 credits. Your teachers are active researchers and you will study in close association with an international research environment.

Recommended course of study

Year 1

Microbiology BIOR18, 15 credits (compulsory)
Molecular Microbiology BIOR63, 15 credits (compulsory)

Molecular Biotechnology BIOR31, 15 credits (compulsory)
Antibiotics – Biology and Chemistry BIOR56, 7,5 credits (elective)
Microscopy – Bio-Imaging BIOS08, 7,5 credits (elective)
Elective course(s) in Molecular Biology, 15 credits (see list below)

Year 2

Bioinformatics and sequence analysis BINP17, 7,5 credits and 
Programming in Python BINP16, 7,5 credits and/or
Elective course(s) in Molecular Biology, 15 credits (see list below) and/or
Master's degree project in Molecular biology 30/45/60 credits, (30 credits compulsory)

Master's degree project in Molecular biology continuation

Degree requirements

Courses corresponding to 120 credits, of which should encompass

Microbiology BIOR18, 15 credits 
Molecular Microbiology BIOR63, 15 credits 
Molecular Biotechnology, 15 credits
Elective course(s) in Molecular Biology, 15 credits
Master´s degree project in Molecular Biology MOBM02/MOBN02/MOBN03, 30/45/60 credits
Optional course(s) 0-30 cr

Degree title

Master of Science (Two Years)
Major: Molecular biology with specialisation in Microbiology and Biotechnology

DNA spiral. Immage.
Molecular Biology - Microbiology and Biotechnology


Christina Ledje, study advisor, molecular biology

Telephone: +46 46 222 73 16
Email: Christina [dot] Ledje [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se (Christina[dot]Ledje[at]biol[dot]lu[dot]se)